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National Security Experts

Knox Defense Group specializes in assessing and advising on matters related to national security.  Our highly capable team of experts work with governments, intelligence agencies, military organizations, the private sector, and other entities involved in safeguarding the security and interests of the United States of America.

Our primary objective is helping clients identify and mitigate potential risks and threats to national security. This can include a wide range of areas, such as counterterrorism, intelligence analysis, cybersecurity, border security, defense strategy, crisis management, policy development, and so much more.

We possess expertise in various domains and draw upon our knowledge and experience to offer insights, recommendations, and solutions to enhance security measures and protect the nation's interests. Our services are broad and deep, including performing comprehensive assessments, developing strategic plans, providing training and capacity-building support, evaluating technology and infrastructure, analyzing geopolitical dynamics, facilitating coordination between different agencies and stakeholders, and so much more.

Our team members have backgrounds in fields such as defense, intelligence, law enforcement, international relations, cybersecurity, and risk management. They combine their specialized knowledge with analytical skills and a deep understanding of the national security landscape to help clients address complex security challenges effectively. 

National security consulting is a highly specialized and sensitive field, as it deals with protecting a nation's critical assets, citizens, and interests. Because of this, Knox Defense Group personnel maintain strict confidentiality, adhere to legal and ethical standards, and stay updated on emerging threats and evolving security technologies.

Featured White Papers

The Essentials of Homeland Security

Homeland security is a critical aspect of safeguarding a nation's territory, citizens, and critical infrastructure from threats both domestic and foreign. This white paper outlines a comprehensive framework for enhancing homeland security by addressing key dimensions such as risk assessment, emergency preparedness, border security, intelligence gathering, and public-private collaboration. 

The Different Dimensions of National Security

National security is a fundamental priority for every nation, encompassing the protection of citizens, critical infrastructure, territorial integrity, and the promotion of stability and peace. In this white paper, we delve into the concept of national security and propose a comprehensive approach to enhance it.

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